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   We have the necessary experience, knowledge and infrastructure to provide services to the companies and organizations of all sizes in the areas of payroll outsource, personnel affairs, human resources.


   We follow all legal transactions with high quality standards throughout the period of employment, starting from the employment of the employees working at your company. We keep track of employee transactions, employee overtime calculations, compensation calculations, legal permissions and rights, warnings and notifications to be made to the employees within the scope of the business law applications. 


   In our payroll services, we are preparing monthly payroll for our customers' headquarters and branches. We transmit monthly insurance notifications to law enforcement authorities. We are registering the companies affiliated with the company. We report employee payroll, tax payments, insurance payments, monthly reports to company managers. We are advising on legal rights by advising company managers on starting work and completing a business relationship.


  In accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, we provide the highest level of confidentiality and protection in our payroll outsource services. We ensure that employee salaries and payroll information are strictly confidential. If our customers want, we provide assurance for our customer's payroll processes by providing financial liability insurance (up to TL 1,200,000.00) for the payroll procedures and information sent to us.


  With our dynamic structure, we constantly monitor labor laws, technological developments, changing insurance practices. We are always renewing ourselves according to the changing demands and needs of our taxpayers.

Payroll Outsourcing 07.7.2021