Bakırköy CPA Accounting Company - Certified Public Accountant

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Bakırköy CPA Accounting Company - Certified Public Accountant

   Our company serves as a Certified Public Accountant office in Istanbul Bakırköy region.


   For entrepreneurs who wish to open a business and engage in commercial activities, With the pragmatic solutions we have developed, we aim to keep the costs of the company establishment low.


    At the Bakırköy district and surrounding areas, we providing  company establishment servicess, financial consultancy and accounting servicess.  We keeping accounting books of businesses. We are able to provide services to the owners of companies who want to open a business in Bakırköy and who need accountant - financial advisors at their own company addresses.


    At the Bakırköy district and surrounding areas, before and after the establishment of the company; We provide business-specific holistic business services that support your business in all aspects, such as determining the type of company, cost / expense analysis,  bookkeeping, monitoring of payroll and insurance processes, and financial reporting.


    We have many years of experience in accounting-tax fields. We develop pragmatic solutions tailored to your company and your needs.

Bakırköy CPA Accounting Company - Certified Public Accountant



1- The customers we serve benefit from the total knowledge and experience of our solution group,

2- We offer many services from a single service provider, as a single billed package, at a very reasonable cost,


3- We produce work-specific pragmatic solutions focused on supporting your business in all its aspects,


4- We are providing the comfort and confidence that comes from the existence of a professional working group who follows, protects and develops your business in the face of financial legislation and laws,


5- We do not make unnecessary expenses unless it is necessary. For this reason, we provide the best quality service at the most reasonable cost.
6- Since our establishment, we have invested to staffed, processes and technology, we doing and we will do.

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Bakırköy CPA Services


  • Turnkey company establishment and consultancy services,

  • Financial consultancy, tax and consultancy services,

  • General Accounting - Bookkeeping services,

  • Payroll - Insurance (SGK) outsourcing services,

  • Accounting, system establishment, consultancy and financial consultancy services within the company,

  • Accounting personnel finding and vocational training services of staff,

  • Trademark registration services

  • Work permit and residence permit counseling services for foreigners,

  • Change of companies, share transfer, liquidation consultancy services

  • Registration services to the Chamber of Commerce, Kosgeb and other professional chambers,

  • Foreign trade (Import and export) consulting services,

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