Audıt Servıces

   In carrying out the audit activities, we present and interpret the data we obtain, the risks of the business, the mistakes of the transactions, with the financial reports showing the real situation of the company (company's assets, debts, incomes, expenses, taxes, cost of production etc.). We are preparing a pragmatic road map for the company's business that is relevant to existing, legal and internal risks.

   Our audit services are conducted under International Auditing Standards.

Financial and Statutory audits can be a daunting reality to be faced with, our consulting services will see to it that minimal preparation is needed in case of an audit by making sure that things are done in anticipation of audits
​   Our teams of professional conduct a vast amount of research into the audits of their respective countries and create a clear guide to success based on their findings. Building relationships with the right people is one of our strategies that enables our experts to have access to the need to know information surrounding audits.
   Our team of expert audit can assist in audits by carrying our predefined checks and reporting, or by devising a customized internal audit system that meets the needs of clients in a unique way. 

  •   Our audits are conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing and include such tests of accounting records and other auditing procedures as we consider necessary in the circumstances. Services include:­

  • Turkish procedural tax laws (Local Standards)

  • Auditing of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),

  • Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) regulations,

  • Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency (BDDK) regulations,

  • Energy market legislation,

  • Regulations of the Insurance Supervisory Board of the Undersecretariat of the Treasury

  • Performing other special purpose audits and consultancy services

  • Special inspection services given as mergers and divisions


Our company has the knowledge, experience and skilled workmates who can provide audit services to the enterprises in every measure.


  While providing auditing services, we provide audit services based on our experience from local and international companies and our customers' expectations and needs. We are evaluating the companies' production, procurement, pre-accounting, general accounting, cost, finance, human resources and marketing departments separately and carry out in-depth control studies.

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Audit Services 07.7.2021