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   In the context of today's technological developments, the transfer of accounting transactions to electronic media has been accelerated and the financial structure of the companies has become transparent. For this reason, an effective accounting system will keep your accounting books organized and protect your company against financial risks. In addition, regular bookkeeping will help you make better decisions about your company, making it easier to get the financial information you need about your company's financial situation.


   Our company has experience, knowledge, qualified personnel and infrastructure to serve companies of all sizes ranging from small scale individual companies to very large volume companies operating globally.We provide a holistic service for all matters such as keeping accounting books, preparing financial reports, preparing tax declarations.


   We keep our clients' statutory books of account at our company under high quality standards and privacy principles. We prepare the necessary tax declarations and directing to company managers the financial reports on a regular basis


   If our customers want, we are building an effective accounting-bookkeeping system in their own companies. In their own companies, we find the staff to follow the accounting system. We conduct vocational education and auditing of accounting staff and direct financial reports to company authorities.

Accounting Bookkeeping

    According to the tax laws of Turkey, a commercial business with merchants are obliged to keep to record financial transactions and accounting entries. In times of need, merchants may face severe sanctions if account books that are obliged to be presented to the tax authorities are not kept.

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